For Sellers

  • Why should you list your products with us?

Online sellers face huge competition in kids merchandise. Therefore, most of the online sellers, especially new sellers or new products, do not even get a chance to come in front of the people. Under such situation, the buyers are unable to make best decisions, and sellers are unable to get to show their specialty.

We will be happy to put your product in a separate, special, prominent and differently marked section on our website with a direct link to your online shop. This way you products will come in front of thousands of people daily.

  • Can I put my products on your website if I am already selling my products on Amazon, Flipkart etc?

Yes, you can and you should! Please contact us and let’s start off right away.

  • I sell products that are closely related to the products listed in your website. Can I advertise my products on your website?

Yes, you can and you should advertise your products. Please contact us and let’s make it happen!

  • Currently I don’t sell my merchandise online. Can I still advertise my products in your website?

Absolutely! Just contact us and let’s work out best and speediest way forward.

  • How do I add my items to your website?

Please contact us right away. Our representative will get in touch with you to take it forward.

  • How can I remove my items from your website?

Please contact us with information about the product(s) that you want to remove from our website. We will promptly remove the product(s) specified by you.

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