Frank Fruits

 A child loves indulging in puzzle games as they learn a whole lot about colour, shapes and themes while playing with them. Kids who are provided with puzzle toys from an early age have developed skills of deduction, sorting, classifying, patience and they also have developed social skills and learn how to bond. Now, you can gift your child with their very first puzzles set as toy manufacturer brand Frank presents Frank fruits. This puzzle set is designed for kids three years and above and introduces your little angel to three colourful fruits. They will remain engaged as they try to complete the images. It is a fun way for them to learn about the fruits and Frank fruits not only teaches your kid about fruits but also helps them to identify them. This puzzle set consists of colourful picture sets that help to generate curiosity among kids.

Frank fruits puzzle set is an extremely productive play set for your kids, as it is a self learning set and your kid will love placing the puzzle pieces. Each of the images in this puzzle set consists of five to six pieces and is visually stimulating for the kids. The puzzle pieces are easy to handle and as kids try to fit them in the correct places, the process enhances their hand and eye co-ordination and also develops their motor skills. This puzzle set will definitely be a founding stone for your kid future skills. Now, you can purchase the Frank fruits puzzle set online and see them stay active and engaged for long hours

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A range of educational toys introducing basic concepts to the beginners. Develops imagination, coordination, visual learning. Enhances memory skills through fun-filled activities.

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