About Us

Do you remember childhood how happy we used to be when we used to get a new toy during our childhood? In case we got the toy that we badly wanted, then it was like we got the whole world. Isn’t it?

One of our favorite toys was a toy train. It was fun to watch it run on and on and on. This is our inspiration for our website name(trainoftoys.com). Similar to toy train, we aspire to bring endless enticing toys for your kids.

The aim is to help you make your loved one shriek with joy. What makes us happy is to see smiling laughing children as they play with their favorite toy(s). But we know that finding the best or hot-selling or kids favorite toys can be a nightmare.  This is where we help you.

About TrainOfToys:

  • It is India’s biggest collection of bestselling and therefore favorite toys and other frequently needed items for children
  • It is a collection of all hot selling items from across many online stores in India that is updated every day
  • We are focused on quality and not quantity therefore,
    • We don’t claim to be ‘India biggest shop for toys and kids essentials’, rather we are proud to say that we are ‘Indias biggest portal for favorite toys and kids essentials’
  • By using right technologies, we aim to make finding toys and kids essentials easy and fast

What are you waiting for? Hop on to the overflowing train of favorite toys and essentials for children


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